The Second SIPTA School on Imprecise Probabilities will take place in the Headquarters of the Rey Juan Carlos University Foundation, in Madrid (Spain), on July 24-28, 2006.

The topics covered will be:

  • The Imprecise Dirichlet Model (Jean-Marc Bernard, Université Paris V).
  • Predictive inference with imprecise probabilities (Gert de Cooman, Ghent University).
  • Non-additive measures and applications to decision theory (Jean-Yves Jaffray, Université Paris VI).
  • Coherent lower previsions and their behavioural interpretation (Enrique Miranda, Rey Juan Carlos University and Matthias Troffaes, Carnegie Mellon University).
  • Knowledge discovery under weak assumptions (Marco Zaffalon and Alessandro Antonucci, IDSIA).
You can find in this page all the necessary information.

Please send any questions or remarks to Enrique Miranda.